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You’ve heard it said a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, when you’re an MMA patient, they’re worth at least $2-grand.  Here’s mine…

Pre-surgery Panograph:  Who says the right and the left can’t come together?…

Post-surgery Panograph:  Here’s why I’ll be leaving for the airport 30 minutes earlier for the rest of my life…..

Pre-surgery Cephalogram: The narrow airway (highlighted in yellow) is the cause of my snoring and my lifelong inability to quickly chug a beer.

Post-Surgical Cephalogram: As you can see, the post-surgical airway is noticeably larger than before, which should reduce or eliminate my sleep apnea.  If the big bad wolf had done MMA surgery, things would have gone very differently for those smart-ass piggies in their brick house.

(see the airway movie here here)

Creepy Post-Surgical Image: Here’s an image from the cone beam study they did at my 4-week checkup. I have no idea what the diagnostic purpose of this is, but I do know that someday it’s going to make a great album cover…

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