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Mug Shots

MMA Surgery promises changes in appearance; some permanent, others temporary. Here are all the glorious mugshots documenting my transformation from a lowly moth into a beautiful, flourishing, stronger-chinned moth.

WEEK 6  Despite looking like I just finished an all-night marathon of “Charles In Charge”, my six week photos are showing slow but steady progress.
DAY 30  As you can see in the profile picture, I’m looking a little jowly compared to the previous week’s photo. This is an example of how swelling goes up and down in the short-term, even as it trends down over the long-term. Hopefully I’ll be rocking’ a more Clooney-esque jawline soon enough…
DAY 21  Subtle changes due to the continued (albeit slow) reduction in swelling at this point. You can see the hollows in my cheeks beginning to show. The swelling in my upper lip is finally coming down (see profile photo just below nose).
DAY 11  Most of the swelling is gone at this point. Future reductions in swelling will probably not be very detectable in these photos.
DAY 8  Yes I’m bruised and yellow, and no, I didn’t go nuts with a tube of rub-on tan. For some reason the profile picture is somewhat color-shifted. The front picture is pretty much accurate in terms of showing the bruising.
DAY 7  You can really see the yellow bruising flaring up on my cheek and neck.
DAY 2  Sorry for the lousy hospital room lighting. Yes, I look better than I feel. Ironically, the surgeon came in a few minutes later and discharged me early. Those Jedi mind tricks do come in handy…
PRE-SURGERY  Here are reference photos taken at the surgeon’s office during my initial visit.
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