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Content Disclaimer

It pains me to have to state this so formally, but this is the internet; and thus exists the significant probability that at least one of us (you, me, or both) is a complete idiot, at least with regard to medical matters. To protect ourselves from each other, let’s all agree on the following points of fact:

  1. The content on this blog documents my specific experiences with a very serious medical condition involving a very invasive surgical procedure
  2. Whatever medical issues you are going through, or medical decisions you will soon need to make, are specific to you, and only you.
  3. Therefore NOTHING you read here SHOULD BE CONSTRUED IN ANY WAY to be ANYTHING APPROACHING MEDICAL ADVICE for your particular situation.

While my sincerest hope is that this blog can give you some perspective, insight, tips, laughs, or a handy smoothie recipe while researching maxillo-mandibular advancement surgery, all content should be considered in context of your particular medical situation which should be guided by your particular team of medical professionals (who hopefully have not gotten their medical training off the internet).