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About A Boy

My name is Adam and I’m a 45-year-old living in Los Angeles, CA working in the entertainment industry.  I have a wife, kids, and a God who all seem to have an unlimited ability to love and forgive me.  Our goldfish, however, has made repeated attempts to have me killed.

Sleep Issues:  I’ve been chasing sleep issues since I was in my 20’s.  Constant insomnia caused me to be awake until the wee hours of the morning, then sleeping until almost noon.  After many years of this I had convinced myself I was just undisciplined (incidentally, the world agreed).  Desperate to avoid a career as the late night drive-thru guy at Jack-In-The-Box, I visited a sleep doctor in my early 30’s, and was diagnosed with Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome, which basically means my circadian rhythm tends toward the nocturnal.  “Great”, I thought, “tell me something I don’t know!”


Sleep Apnea:  Fast-forward 15 years or so to December, 2011.  I started noticing that I was getting more and more tired, and was experiencing some very un-funny heart arrhythmias. This was enough to get me in to see a cardiologist.  Turns out my heart is fine, and so she sent me to a sleep doctor as a chronic lack of sleep can cause abnormal heart rhythms.  After spending a couple nights wired in at a sleep lab, I was told that I have mild/moderate sleep apnea (AHI: 17).  This means that while I’m sleeping, I have a tendency to skip some of life’s silly formalities, such as breathing. Incidentally, I was also told I have a tendency to blurt out meaty scenes from Star Trek:TNG, which apparently helped the sleep technicians pass the time.

MMA Surgery:  After a doing ton of research on treatment options (oral appliances, CPAP, soft-tissue surgeries (UPPP, LAUP, etc.), and maxillomandibular advancement surgery (aka MMA, BiMax),  I realized I had a simple decision to make:  I could either spend the summer writing a sitcom spec, taking acting classes, and enjoying the outdoors with my family;  or I could spend it having my face sawed off and screwed back on.  As it turns out, I’ll go to very great lengths to put off writing.

This Blog:  The decision-making process of undertaking this surgery was aided greatly by some selfless bloggers who recorded their experiences before, during, and after their surgery.  As a way to “give back”, I’ve decided to blog my experiences for all those who are considering this procedure, particularly those who are considering doing it in the Los Angeles area.  I thought about doing this via social media, but recording all my aches, pains, and complaints on FaceBook might offend the sensibilities of many users there.

If you are considering this treatment, please enjoy this humble little tome of self-imposed misery.  Also, please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, etc.  I’ll be happy to answer any questions on my particular experience.  In the meantime, I hope it brings you some laughs, some enlightenment, or at the very least a great way to put off your own writing…

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