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Week 8: Let the Chewing Begin!

Wed Jul 18, 2012

With eight weeks behind me as of Monday, it’s time to ditch the bland, carbohydrate-rich soft-food diet I’ve been on for a month and a half, and start taking this new jaw out for a spin!

Of course, I can’t exactly start off gnawing on raw carrots at first, so I’ve spent the last couple of days trying new things to see how well I could chew them. So far I’ve managed to have a sandwich (up until now, crust has been impossible to swallow without chewing), a tuna salad on a bed of lettuce (but I couldn’t bite through the raw bell peppers), a turkey burger with lettuce and a tomato, some chunky chicken salad sandwich, and some chicken strips from Carl’s Jr. (hey, it was a tough afternoon).

For the most part, the biggest difficulty is cutting through stuff with my incisors. Pressure (from biting) makes them hurt. In addition, all my teeth feel “spongy”, as if they aren’t locked down in the gums. This makes me nervous about tearing off a big bite of steak or chomping down on a handful of almonds. For now, I’ll stick to slightly squishier game.

The only other difficulty is that my mouth still doesn’t open up as wide as it used to. Before surgery, I measured my jaw opening, and was able to open up between 45-50mm (just over three fingers width). At this point, I’m up to just over two fingers, or between 30-35mm. So, a giant double-bacon-burger is out for the moment. Probably a good thing too, since despite all my best intentions, I’ve managed to gain all my pre-surgery weight back.

Well played mac & cheese. Well played…


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