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Week 6: No More Rain in Thpain!

Mon Jul 2, 2012


Last week I hit the best milestone so far: Dr. Chang removed the splint that was wired to my lower teeth since the surgery! Here’s a picture of the @&^%#! thing.  The removal was simple – just a couple of snips with the wire cutters, and it no more lisp!

Orthodontics: Once the business of splint removal was over, it was time for Dr. Chang to have his first really good look into my mouth since getting my new jaws. He was pretty happy with how my bit turned out, at least with regard to where my incisors were meeting.  He noticed I had a “tripod bite”, which means I only have contact at my incisors and very back molars.  All the teeth in-between don’t touch at the moment, which will be something of an impediment in a couple weeks when I’m allowed to begin chewing.  Oh well, one step at a time.  For now, I’m getting rubber bands on the sides which I need to wear when I’m not eating, cleaning, or using my teeth to remove bottle caps.


Photos: Here’s the six-week set.  For whatever reason that front-facing pic makes me look like The Incredible Mr. Limpit.  Nevertheless, I’m definitely into the slow-change phase, where you can see differences over weeks, not days. After the 8th week, I’ll move to monthly photographs.  See all of the photos together on Mug Shots page.

Mouth Stuff: Once the splint was out, I could fully appreciate how much grime had accumulated on the backs of my bottom teeth. Dr. Chang handed me a toothbrush, which I gratefully accepted and rushed over to his sink. I was disappointed that one brushing didn’t remove the gritty feeling. I also found that after a couple of days it was still there. That’s when I realized it was time to 1) get rid of the kid-sized toothbrush I’d been using, and 2) ditch my gentle Sensodyne toothpaste for some good-old-fashioned Colgate to increase the abrasion. That did the trick! After a couple of brushings, the backs of my teeth were smooth, and I also noticed the fronts of my teeth (at least between my brackets) were much less yellow.


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