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Week 2: Just Like Week 1, But Easier…

Sun Jun 3, 2012

Week 2 is behind me, and it has been easier than week 1. Pain, swelling, energy, are all much improved. But, now I’m struggling with sleep and dizziness issues. Here’s the rundown on status:

Sleep: Slept upright last night, but experienced no insomnia and slept through the night. Incidentally, this was the first night without the Vicodin, just regular Tylenol.

Bruising: Bruising is almost completely gone. Just a small patch of discoloration about an inch below my collar bone at this point. I expect it will be gone by the end the week.

Swelling: Swelling of my face has diminished greatly this past week. I’ve noticed my cheekbones are starting to show, as well as the hollows of my cheeks. I can feel “lumps” of swelling around each of the cut sites on my jaw, and my upper-lip is still swollen, but my face is certainly starting to emerge (photos soon). To quantify, I’d say the swelling is 85% gone.

Pain: I’m officially off prescription drugs and managing pain with over-the-counter drugs! Pain today was very controllable, and wound up taking Tylenol “as needed” rather than once every 6 hours. Wound up with only one dose in the morning, and one before bed. Spent most of the day at 2-3 on the pain scale, and went to bed (with a fresh dose of Tylenol) at a 4. Liking how manageable the pain is getting..

Dizziness: Received a reply from Dr. Relle regarding the dizziness – he said it sounded like “Benign Positional Vertigo” and can easily be tested and treated. What I don’t know is if the treatment is curative or not. My appointment with Dr. Kupferman & Dr. Relle is Tuesday. Hopefully this can be easily (and permanently) resolved.

Energy: I feel like my energy would be a lot higher if it weren’t’ for the dizziness, which makes me want to sit and/or sleep most of the day. If I had to guess, I’d say without the dizziness, I’d be at about 80% of normal energy.

Weight: I’ve been creeping up the last couple of days, but was down today. Currently hovering between an 10-12lb loss. At this point, I usually have a smoothie for breakfast, snack on liquids through the day, and have some sort of mushy option for lunch & dinner. This regiment keeps the number of oral hygiene rituals down to a minimum.

Food: To improve upon the “Blended Chipotle” experience, I made some instant mashed potatoes today, and made them very runny on purpose. The their was that with a mush “binder”, I should be able to blend any food I wish and mix it with the mashed potatoes for a tasty meal. Tried it with the italian sausage/sweet potato/spinach hash (one of my favorite dishes) and voila! I was easily able to gobble down a blended bowl full. At this point, I can eat anything I want, as long as it can blend (which doesn’t discount too many items).


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