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Day 13: Dealing With The Dizzy

Sat Jun 2, 2012

Last night I hit the sack a little earlier to try and reverse an entire day beset by dizzy spells. I also reverted back to sleeping in a sitting-up position, to see if that would have any impact. Unfortunately, sleep didn’t come until around 3am. I did, however, manage to sleep until noon, and so I did wind up with a full night’s sleep in terms of hours.

Ran through the morning routine and tested the dizziness. Looking up & looking down are reliably causing the vertigo, which now lasts for 10-20 seconds per episode. No nassea, just 4G turns. Emailed Dr. Relle (on-call this weekend for Dr. Kupferman) about the dizzy spells. Hopefully this is a normal side effect of the surgery and will resolve itself.

Spent most of the day doing low-key stuff and trying to keep my head from moving too far up or down. I was able to manage the dizzy spells this way. Kept my jaw unbounded the entire afternoon so I could exercise the jaw more. Perhaps jaw movement would help reduce any swelling near my inner ear which could be causing the vertigo. Did lots of water, and rested.

Late in the day a great friend from New York arrived. He’s staying with us a few days while he looks for an apartment in L.A. We stayed up way too late talking, which got my morale up and my jaw sore. Felt great to get the bands on and get to bed.


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