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Day 12: Oh, the Spinning…

Fri Jun 1, 2012

Last night in my zeal for getting back to normal, I decided to try sleeping in my own bed. Until now, I’ve been bunking in the guest room to spare my wife the various head-clearing rituals that are necessary just after this surgery. I thought it would also be a good time to try and attempt sleeping horizontally again. So, around 11:30 pm, I settled in for a nice, peaceful night’s sleep.

Which finally came at about 5am. Dang!

I awoke around 8am, feeling about as crappy as you might expect after 3 hours of sleep. But, I decided not to let a minor setback like losing a good night’s sleep deter me for the day, so I resolved to get out of my bed and into my routine as quickly as possible.  Off fly the covers, my feet hit the floor, and get three steps toward the bathroom when…

Bang! My eyes roll up into my head and the room is spinning wildly out of control. Thankfully I was able to grab the edge of the bed while it was flying past and managed to break my fall. The spinning lasted for about 20-30 seconds at high velocity before it wound down and disappeared as suddenly as it came.

So, ok. I’m dizzy. Did I just get up too fast? What the heck just happened? I slowly attempted to get up again, taking care to hang on. No problem.  Slowly got through the bathroom routine. No problem. Drank some water – no problem. Bent down to throw on a pair of shorts – Bang! On the floor again, spinning wildly. At this point, I thought the lack of sleep and perhaps dehydration had gotten the best of me. I aborted the “soldier on” strategy and crawled back into bed to attempt to get more sleep. Which I did for another 4 hours or so.

Woke up later feeling better and slowly got dressed, taking care not to bend over or move too suddenly. Made it downstairs and got some food. Told Kristi about the episode. Did some quick stand up/sit down tests on the couch. All ok. Decided to run some errands, so I drove into town to buy some batteries for our cordless phones – no problems driving. Went over to Guitar Center to grab a capo and a couple of short cables. While there, I was staring up at a sweet ‘72 Telecaster Custom hanging from the top row and had another dizzy episode, confirming the theory that these spells are triggered by head position. Drove home without incident, and pretty much rested downstairs for the rest of the day. Resolved to drink a lot of water, ice up my jaw (to reduce any swelling which might be impacting my inner ear),  and get to bed early…

Hello setback. I should have known you’d be visiting soon…


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