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Week 1 Complete – Let’s Party!

Sun May 27, 2012

Well, it’s hard to believe that at the end of the day it will be 7 days since I was wheeled into surgery.  Everyone has advised me that the first week is the hardest, so I am looking forward to next week!

Activity: Given yesterday’s lesson in pacing, my goal today was simple:  Rest up enough today to be able to entertain our guests who are coming this evening to grill up some meat, throw their kids in the pool, and enjoy some patio chatter and summertime food.  Of course, I don’t plan on being able to participate other than to be present, but my goal is to have enough energy to be able to be a pleasant chair ornament for a few hours.

So, for most of the day I hung around in the bedroom working on building out this blog.  I finished the Mug Shots section, the Content Disclaimer, and the all important Contact Me page.  So, I’m feeling like it’s really coming along!  Early in the afternoon I took a break and watched Home Alone with my kids.

Pain: Taking it slow and easy for most of the day really helped me keep my pain in check.  I have learned something obvious:  you want to stay on top of the pain meds and when you’re supposed to take them. For me, even 15 minutes late makes a difference.  The pain really can sneak up on you. Fortunately, my wife (and mother of our twin 7-year-olds) has a knack for keeping things on schedule.  She continues to be a tremendous help to my recovery.

Swelling: Today was the first time I’ve noticed in the mirror that the swelling is down.  It also actually “feels” down today, even in the front of my face (lips, chin, sinus area) where I feel it the most.  Since today is a landmark of sorts, I’ll go ahead and post today’s mug shot in this post for reference.  You can sort of tell that my mouth is a little more symmetric – in past pics this week you’ll notice that the corner of my mouth has been turned down on my left side (right side of pic).  Since no motor nerves were impacted, I assume thats a function of swelling (which is rarely symmetric) on that side.  I’m noticing that “MMA Scowl” is starting to soften up a bit.

About the shirt, it was a “Get Well” gift from Tony Stark.  I think that’s a night-lite.

Evening Entertainment: Well, aside from missing the first half-hour or so due to missing my meds schedule by about 15 minutes (lesson learned), I was rested enough to “participate” (hold down a chair) for most of the proceedings.  Everybody had a great time, and there is something to be said therapeutically for having one’s friends around for moral support.

After everyone left, however, while helping put away all that food, I did experience my first real food craving.  I started having fantasies about throwing some of those burgers in a blender with some beef broth.  Alas, no beef broth.  Made another smoothie and headed to bed.


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