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Day 4: Low Energy

Thu May 24, 2012

I wouldn’t exactly call today a setback, but for some reason my energy was at rock-bottom today.  Woke up around 7am but wound up falling back asleep periodically throughout the morning.  I attempted to mount a counter-attack around noon by taking a shower and getting dressed, but that wound up depleting me enough for another nap.  I did rally late in the afternoon to walk with my 7-year-old daughter down to the mailbox, and to wheel the trash bins back from the curb.  Then, of course, I rested before eating dinner and watching Back To The Future with the kids.

I did check my food intake for the day, and it is actually more calories than yesterday.  Water intake is a little lower today too, but I still got in about 48 ounces of pure water, which isn’t bad (shooting for at least 64 oz/day this week).  I am losing weight, so my best guess here is that my metabolism is in overdrive doing the healing, and my caloric requirements are climbing.  I’ll attempt to compensate with more intake tomorrow.

Swelling:  Most of the swelling on my face remains in the front of my face, around my lips.  I think I may have gained some swelling in this area today.  This makes it more difficult to eat, as my lips need to be flexible enough to maneuver liquid around my front teeth into the side channels of my mouth.  More swelling means less flexibility.  Kristi and I spent some time trying to figure out how to adapt some small ice packs for use on the front of my face without putting pressure on my nose, which is very sore.

Pain:  Speaking of soreness, I realize I haven’t been consistently logging my pain here.  For the most part, when the Vicodin is fully kicked-in, I’d classify my pain at around a “4” on a 1-10 scale.  As I’ve previously explained, this means I can feel pressure and some pain, but it doesn’t distract me from concentrating on something (like reading or writing).  Yesterday I attempted to take the lower-dose option of Vicodin ES (my doctor prescribed a dosage range), but that resulted in my pain spiking up to a “6” a full hour before I could re-dose.  So, now I’m back on the full-size dose every six hours, and the pain stays between “4” and “5”.

Bruising I did notice one milestone today – the bruising has begun to be evident, with what appears to be blue & orange “strangle marks” at the base of my neck.  I’ll chalk this up to normal post-surgical bruising, since I don’t have the energy to contemplate some sort of “reverse-stockholm syndrome” thing on my wife’s part.  I’m not that bad a patient, am I?


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