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Day 3: Up & Around / Down & Out

Wed May 23, 2012

Woke Up Refreshed! Last night was the first night spent recovering at home, with a full-night’s sleep!  And this morning, I did something that I haven’t done in decades – I was awakened by the sound of birds!

It turns out, birds sing a lot when the sun comes up (who knew?).  This was a fact I have been unaware of for most of my life because dawn is usually aobut the time I’m hitting my 3rd or 4th hour of apnea-disturbed sleep.  So, when the sun comes up, there are not many birds loud enough to awaken me.

So, being up with the sun and feeling full of energy, I decided to shower, shave, get dressed, and attempt some oral hygiene!  Who could have imagined such a carefree existence at 6am?

Zen & The Art of Pie Hole Maintenance  This is the 46th hour since surgery, so the old mouth was getting a bit funky.  I checked the post-surgical cleaning instructions, and went to work with my very tiny child-sized toothbrush (with a glop of Sensodyne toothpaste).  This is tricky for several reasons:  first, there’s a lot of hardware in there;  second, your gums are mostly numb; and third you really have to avoid the incision sites (where your upper gums attach to your lips). Honorable mention in the tricky category goes to the difficulty of making a “toothbrushing smile” with a swollen face. But, being careful and slow, I got through it. I also managed to rinse with some Listerine (zero alcohol). This did the trick, and I resolved to clean my mouth 2-3 times/day going forward.

Today’s Activity: A Trip to Whole Foods As I mentioned, my energy was great this morning.  Getting cleaned up and having “breakfast” downstairs with the kids was a big psychological boost.  I think it’s going to be important to move around some and ensure that I have some normal types of activity every day.  Today’s outing was accompanying my wife Kristi to Whole Foods to pick up a wider variety of soups and liquid vitamins.  Expensive, but I’m a big believer in the role of quality nutrition in the healing process.  Once I establish a regular “menu”, I’ll document it in the “Spittle” section along with calorie / macronutrient / micronutrient info.

Food Porn!  While I’m at Whole Foods, I thought it would be great fun to leer at things I shouldn’t even be lookin’ at:


Afternoon:  Energy Low.  My burst of energy this morning predictably waned, and I wound up falling asleep watching “Die Hard” on TBS. Hans Gruber, you’re a sick S.O.B.

Swelling is up today.  Even though my swelling was down this morning, it’s back up this afternoon, especially around my upper-lip and sinus area.  Probably a consequence of my over-enthusiastic energy expenditure this morning,  This is making me feel like my head is in a vice.  Spending some extra time with ice on the cheeks and front of face to see if I can get it down before bed.


Here’s the obligatory scene for day 3. The extra swelling on my upper-lip is not showing well in the pictures, but believe me, its there.  I’m a little surprised I haven’t seen any discoloration/bruising yet, but I’m expecting some glorious color soon.  For now, I’m going to take the highest dose of pain meds and hit the sack early.


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