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45 is the new 13

Wed May 16, 2012

To all those kids back in elementary school who I called “metal mouth”, I want to say I’m humbly sorry.  Today’s trip to my orthodontist got the pre-surgery ball rolling with brackets on upper jaw, and on the sides of my lower jaw.

The plan is to install a few key brackets/hooks  for the surgeon to use as “grabbers” during the surgery.  The surgeon will adjust my jaw forward, until my incisors touch.  Once my jaw/mouth heals enough for more punishment (about 4-6 weeks), the orthodontist will add the remaining brackets and wires to bring my bite back into focus. This process will take 12-18 months post-surgery.

I have at least one raw spot on the inside of my right cheek.  This was quickly relieved with the use of some dental wax!  Thank goodness for low-tech solutions to high-tech problems!

Now I just need to figure out how to get these typhoon warnings from Honolulu out of my head…


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